Thursday, October 29

ONFF-385 Ronde put

Call: OT4V/p
QSO's: 323
Date : 29-10-2015
Operators: Danny
Location: Mol/Postel

An activation in marvelous fall colours : ONFF-0385 Ronde Put in Mol, very close to the cheese-making monks of Postel.
Bands in excellent shape, worked 10-15-20 and 40 meters. A very hugh pile-up on 20m CW made me going split, good for about 100 different calls in the log, logged at 3 stations a minute. My CW skills are still improving !
This time not only surprised and wondering joggers, bikers and hikers but also lot of silly looking ship-men staring to that insane fellow with a fishing rod at the wrong side of the channel … lol.
323 QSO’s in 35 DXCC and 3 continents. Best DX : HS0ZIV (new /P DXCC), several JA, UA0 (zone 18&19) and VE. Again not one USA station despite 20m was wide open and spotting on the Field Radio page. Pity pity pity …
Listen to some voice recording of my activation on the website from SWL station F-17468 Albert Arnaud

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