•   Link to Google Earth ONFF

  •  How to use above link: You can open this in Google Earth (should be installed). It allows you to find any ONFF reference throughout Belgium. Therefore click  on "Link to Google Earth ONFF"  and open it into Google Earth. 
  • The ONFF file will be stored in your temporary places folder. Selected the wanted region, by selecting the box in front of the wanted region. All ONFF references will be displayed on your map. 
  • Clicking on the small arrow in front of the region folder, the total content of the folder will be displayed. Some content shows related information about the Nature area. If erroneous ONFF positions are discovered , please inform the ONFF coordinator by mail.
  •  Public Forest valid areas are indicated with the green fir symbol Check the box in front Public Forest Flandres to display the bounderies.