This article gives some feedback on Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Q: Where do we find the ONFF references?
  • A: All ONFF references are grouped in one document called "ONFF Reference list, status & activators". It contains all the actual ONFF submitted references to the WWFF directory list. This list is updated once per month (at the end or beginning of each month). It can be downloaded from the download area tab on the ONFF Web.

  • Q: Can anybody use theseONFF references?
  • A: Anybody with a Ham licensee can use these references, whatever he /she wants. There is no time limit , number or any restriction on time usage. .(only if references should become obsolete)

  • Q: Do we have to request to ONFF committee to use this references.
  • A: No anyone can start using these references when it is appropriate to him/her to use them. Please announce your activity on the WWFF forum ( see link ONFF links)

  • Q: How do I locate the ONFF references?
  • A: We have a Google Earth KMZ file.  Download "Link to Google Earth  ONFF " and open the KMZ file called ONFF.kmz in Google Earth (download area tab)

  • Q: How to provide a valid log?
  • A: After each activity , your log in ADIF format should be send to the ONFF coordinator together with proven evidence of being on the right spot. This evidence can be based on photographs from your GPS (showing the ONFF coordinates ) or two relevant publishable photographs for example showing Reference area announcement where you are. (published in Latest News tab).