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GDPR: (in addition to publish reading on the "European Privacy Law page"
  • The gattered information is your first name (if supplied ) and your email address.
  • This information is stored in our database and is only accessible by the group owner.
  • Unsubscribe is freely by any user, following the unsubscribe message format below.
Non commercial email list:
  • Non commercial and pure informative mailing list. 
  • Purpose of this list: this list informs users for activities related to ONFF and have NO commercial value. The information (call @ mailingaddress) issued by the users of the mailing list is provided  voluntarily. In case of misuse of this maling list, your access will be blocked.
  • In case you register to our group list "Info-ONFF ", you agree in our above group conditions.

Group Email Addresses

How to register:

First step: send a mail to  main+subscribe@Info-ONFF.groups.io via your mailing program. (add subscribe in the subject field) keep the message field empty.

Second step: after you subscription you will receive a welcome mail, requesting to confirm this mail by a reply. Please be sure the following message is in the subject."Re: Confirm Your Groups.io Subscription".

Third step: you application need approval by the  group owner to allow you to send messages.

Or fill in your email and hit the subscribe button. Next will be followed by step 2 and 3 from above.