Tuesday, November 29

ONFF-0618 Bospark

Call: ON6WL/p
QSO': 150
Date : 29-11-2016
Operators: Kris (ON4LK) & Bill (ON5JE)
Location : Lokeren

Sunday, November 27

ONFF-0063 Molsbroek

Call: ON2LVC/p
QSO's: 172
Date : 27-11-2016
Operators: Luc
Location:  Lokeren

Heel mooi gebied, komen zeker nog eens terug om de andere gebieden te doen.

Tuesday, November 15

ONFF-0617 Puytvoet

Call: ON6WL/p
QSO': 236
Date : 15-11-2016
Operators: Luk (ON4BB) & Bill (ON5JE)
Location : Sint-Niklaas

First activation. Due to computer chrash we lost data from the log. We were able to recover 236 QSO's but still missing more than 50 QSOs.We have already uploaded the log in logsearch.Verify if you are in the log if you have worked us.If you are NOT , send an email to luk_on4bb@telenet.be with your QSO data, (QSO time should be included, your call and band) All QSOs have been recovered and uploaded.

Friday, November 11

ONFF-0616 Hellebos

Call: ON2LVC/p
QSO's: 247

Date : 11-11-2016
Operators: Luc
Location:  Berg -Kampenhout

Geen Info bord gevonden .

Sunday, November 6

Thursday, November 3

ONFF-0606 Prés de Grand Rieu

Call: ON4WRC/p
QSO's: 218
Date : 03-11-2016
Operators: Danny (ON4ON) & Harvey (ON5SY) & EDDY (ON7PO)

Tuesday, November 1

ONFF-0615 Torfbroek

Call: ON2LVC/p
QSO's: 214
Date : 01-11-2016
Operators: Luc
Location:  Berg -Kampenhout