European Privacy law

All published photographic material and relevant data is provided and supplied by the participants on the ONFF program.

  • The supplied material shall ONLY be used on the ONFF web-blog and is supplied completely voluntary by the participant. If the material contains photographs with individual and recognized people, ONFF needs written confirmation for publication from the supplier if the material is not send by the visual/recognised person(s). In case the material is send by the owner, the owner agree to publish the material on the ONFF blog.
  • None of the received material shall be distributed  to any other media. Published material on the ONFF blog cannot be re-used and copied for any  purpose without written confirmation from the material supplier.
  • All the supplied material for publication is send to the email address
  • ONLY two responsible persons can access this data. The ONFF coordinator and Log approval manager.
  • By material we understand , photographic and written information likes stories, information of any kind related to your activity.
  • Personal Data collection: we ONLY collect your personal data for the purpose  of the ONFF mailing list. This list contains your Call and your email address. The ONFF mailing list with your data is ONLY accessible by the ONFF coordinator. Anybody who wants to leave this mailing list needs to send a request by email to ONFF coordinator :