23 May 2015

ONFF-194 De Knoppel

Call: OT4V/p
Date : 23-05-2015 
Operators: Danny
Location: Mettehoven-Heers

We had to ask some locals how to find this one, we found a red marked hiking trial that leads to the reserve. And there, on top of the hill we set up for the second time. Started on 40m SSB with a nice pile up, doing it over on 20m SSB. This time to tired for CW QSO’s, sorry ! ON3FY, brandnew HAM David, took care again of the catering, thanks mate ! In the meantime the sun appeared and we even got some sunburn from this activation.  158 QSO’s with 28 DXCC in 2 continents, best DX : W1OW
This was tough, too tough for my aged bones. Two activations in one day is too much for my suffering body. Think this will be a one time try.
Wanna say  many thanks to my buddy and lifetime friend ON7YZ, Mario, who drove his 4×4 to this remote places.
Note : Got a bunch of paper QSL cards via the buro. I’m repeating : I prefer digital QSL (eQSL, Clublog, QRZ.com, LoTW). Paper QSL cards cost me a lot of time and money. I prefer to put my time in activating in the field, not by writing QSL cards. So PLEASE only paper QSL cards if you really want one !

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