20 Jun 2015

ONFF-439 Vallei van de Grote Nete

Call: OT4V/p
QSO's: 123
Date : 20-06-2015 
Operators: Danny
Location:Heist op den Berg

On an early saturday morning setting up the OT4V/p station while spotting 3 bucks … That’s how my day started today. My chronical pain ruled but this makes the pain a little less tough. Also my buddy and lifetime friend ON7YZ wanted to join for the first time with his new /P station, and so he did.
My traditional start is 14.044CW to work my buddy in Alberta, VE6UX. Booming in like a local today! While ON7YZ (OR7Z/p) struggled with his laptop I had a good run on 20 and 30m CW. But I was not in big shape, lots of errors in my CW, sorry guys!
OR7Z/p started calling in PSK63 but with not much of success though. Still to fine-tune some thinngs on his /P station.
I had a run on 40m SSB wit some locals and lots of EU in the log. My good friend André (no HAM) arrived with fresh baked beacon & eggs … 15 minutes laters ON4BAG arrived with some more sweeties … We must have gained some weight on this activation. Thanks fellows!
I (OT4V/p) worked 123 QSO’s … OR7Z/p about 70, not bad for a first /P operation.

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