20 Feb 2015

ONFF-455 Wullebos

Call: ON6WL/p
Operator(s): Luc, ON4AOL & Luk ON4BB
Total QSOs: 312
Date: 20-02-2015
Location: Stekene Klein-Sinaai

1 comment:

  1. First activation with a double setup .
    Two trx 's were simultanious in the air via two filters and two antennes ( in V and windom) and two batteries
    ON4BB was in the air on 20m and/or 17m and ON4AOL on 40m
    We logged the contacts each on a laptop or pc connected to each other via a local network and running N1MM.
    In the background was also running or Livelog program .
    The two pc's where both connected on one wireless connection