27 Mar 2015

ONFF-323 Pikhavendonk

Call: OT4V/p
QSO's: 221
Date : 27-03-2015 
Operators: Danny
Location: Boortmeerbeek-Rijmenam 

I arrived just after sunrise in Pikhakendonk ONFF-323. Temperature around 4°C and a chilly wind made putting up the antenna not the most funny job to do. Once warm in my back-seat-shack the pile-up warmed me up pretty soon.
Not much later the local forester came to say hello, he left with the idea that I was doing some kind of FOX-hunting. With the many bloodthirsty foxes in the area he was a happy man.
On 40 meter I worked the pile-up really to the bottom. On 20m again not much QSO’s. Will have to improve my antenna on that band. I’m thinking of homebrewing a G5RV junior. Or any suggestions ?
I ended with 221 QSO’s in 25 DXCC countries in the log.

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